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      SBHDS offers individuals the opportunity to sponsor a day, week, or month of learning through our Parnes Hayom Dedication Program. Grandparents, parents, alumni, and friends of our school can support the Torah study of our students. The value of Torah learning is equivalent to the value of all the mitzvos combined – “Talmud Torah keneged kulam.”

          Dedications can be made in memory of a loved one’s Yahrzeit, for a refuah sheleimah - speedy recovery for someone who is sick, on the occasion of a simcha, birthday, in honor of a student or students, or any other occasion that you wish to acknowledge.

        Dedications will be displayed in our weekly bulletin/email and posted by the entrance of the building for all who enter to see so that the students will know for whom their learning is dedicated.

       For any additional questions, please email



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